Overview of tc Server

VMware vFabric tc Server is a Web application server based on open-source Apache Tomcat. It preserves the best of Tomcat and adds many mission-critical operational capabilities that are unavailable in the open-source product. tc Server harnesses the power of traditional JEE architectures and eliminates their complexity and performance drawbacks, making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to build and run cloud-ready applications. With its lean architecture and small, 10MB memory footprint, tc Server requires significantly fewer resources than conventional servers, which allows for greater server density in virtual and cloud environments.


Usability Enhancements to Apache Tomcat

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Enhanced Diagnostics

tc Server Command-line Interface and Command Scripts

tc Server Editions

How tc Server and Hyperic Work Together

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Usability Enhancements to Apache Tomcat

The tc Server runtime component, known as tc Runtime, offers usability advantages that make it easier , faster, and more flexible to configure and operate than Apache Tomcat.

tc Runtime includes the following usability enhancements:

  • Improved out-of-the-box configuration. In most cases, you can use tc Server immediately after you install it, with no additional configuration.

  • Easy creation of a tc Runtime instance with the tcruntime-instance command script. You can leverage additional (optional) configuration features by specifying prepackaged templates when you create a tc Runtime instance, such as automatically configuring clustering or SSL.

  • Easy and intuitive startup of a tc Runtime instance on both UNIX and Windows platforms.

  • Default configuration of high-concurrency JDBC connection pool in new tc Runtime instances.

For a detailed comparison of tc Server and Apache Tomcat features, see Comparing tc Runtime and Apache Tomcat.