Application Cluster Monitoring with Spring Insight Operations

Spring Insight Operations enables administrators to monitor the real-time behavior and health of Web applications and the servers on which they are deployed. It gives the same deep visibility into applications as Spring Insight Developer, as well as the capability to view the information across a cluster or to drill down to any single server.

Whereas Spring Insight Developer runs within a single tc Server instance alongside the Web applications it analyzes, Spring Insight Operations has a distributed architecture. A single, dedicated tc Server instance runs the Spring Insight Dashboard. Each tc Server instance hosting applications in your cluster runs the Spring Insight Agent application. The Agents collect trace data and submit it to the Dashboard, where the information is compiled and rendered. This design minimizes the overhead Spring Insight adds to your production servers and makes it easier to secure the Dashboard.

In addition to everything you can do with Spring Insight Developer, here are some things you can do with Spring Insight Operations: