How tc Server and Hyperic Work Together

tc Server standard edition, targeted to administrators, includes access to the Hyperic management capabilities. This section shows how the runtime component of tc Server (called the tc Runtime) and the Hyperic components (Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agents) work together, and possible configurations that you can install on one or more computers.

The simplest installation is one in which you install all components (tc Runtime, Hyperic Agent, and Hyperic Server) on the same computer. The computer acts as a host for the tc Runtime instances and their deployed applications as well as a host to the Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agent, which are used to manage the tc Runtime instances.

In the following figure, the Hyperic Server is managing one tc Runtime instance.

Figure 1. Installing on One Computer

Installing on One Computer

Hyperic Server can, of course, manage multiple instances, and manage other kinds of servers. Because the tc Runtime instances are all on one computer, you only need to install one Hyperic Agent. This is illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 2. Multiple tc Runtime Instances on One Computer

Multiple tc Runtime Instances on One Computer

You can create multiple tc Runtime instances on one computer and install Hyperic Server on another computer. One Hyperic Agent must be installed on any computer running one or more tc Server instances. You can create multiple tc Runtime instances on ComputerA, and install the Hyperic Server on ComputerB, as shown in the next figure. ComputerA is known as a managed node.

Figure 3. Installing on Two Computers

Installing on Two Computers

In another scenario, you host the Hyperic Server on computerB, but want to install tc Runtime on many computers, possibly of different platforms such as Unix and Windows. In this case you must also install the Hyperic Agent on each computer (managed node) that hosts the tc Runtime instances.

In the following figure, for example, computerC might be a Windows platform while all the rest of the computers are Unix. Also note that each computer has a different set of tc Runtimes installed, but only one Hyperic Agent. In the figure, all computers except computerB are managed nodes.

Figure 4. Installing on Multiple Computers

Installing on Multiple Computers