tc Server Editions

tc Server is available in three different editions. tc Server Developer is geared towards the enterprise application developer. tc Server Standard is designed for operators and administrators. tc Server Spring Edition, a part of vFabric Cloud Application Platform 5.0, is for operators and administrators deploying tc Server enterprise applications on VMware vSphere® and VMware® ESXi™ hosts.

Table 1. vFabric tc Server Editions

FeatureDeveloper EditionStandard EditionSpring Edition
tc Runtime
Spring Insight Developer  
vFabric Hyperic with tc Server Plug-In 
Spring Insight Operations  
Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J)  
Commercial Spring Support  

The following sections describe the tc Server editions:

Developer Edition

The Developer Edition of tc Server is geared towards the application developer. It contains the tc Runtime; utilities to create and start tc Runtime instances; and a set of templates for creating specific preconfigured tc Runtime instances, such as cluster-node ready and SSL-enabled.

This edition also includes Spring Insight Developer, an application that provides real-time visibility into the behavior and performance of user applications. The tc Server Developer Edition contains a template called insight that includes the Spring Insight application. You use this template to create new tc Runtime instances enabled with Spring Insight. See Spring Insight Developer for help setting up and using Spring Insight.

tc Server Developer Edition includes Tomcat Web Application Manager, a web application you can use to deploy and manage tc Runtime applications. This edition does not include access to Hyperic Server and Agent.

The Developer Edition is distributed as either a ZIP or compressed TAR file with the following names:


  • vfabric-tc-server-developer-2.6.X.RELEASE.tar.gz

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of tc Server is for administrators and operators. Similar to the Developer Edition, the Standard Edition contains the tc Runtime, scripts to easily create and start tc Runtime instances, and templates to quickly create specific types of tc Runtime instances (such as cluster-node ready or SSL-enabled). This edition does not include Spring Insight Developer.

With the Standard Edition, you have access to the vFabric Hyperic management system, which (as of version 4.6) includes the tc Server Hyperic plug-in in the general distribution. Install vFabric Hyperic if you want to use Hyperic to configure and manage the tc Runtime. If you do not want to use Hyperic to manage tc Runtime instances and want to use the tc Runtime on its own, install only the tc Runtime.

The Standard Edition is distributed as either a ZIP or compressed TAR file with the following names:


  • vfabric-tc-server-standard-2.6.X.RELEASE.tar.gz

To download an evaluation of Hyperic, go to the VMware Downloads Center.

Spring Edition

The tc Server Spring Edition is part of vFabric Cloud Application Platform 5.0. It includes all of the components and features of tc Standard Edition, plus Spring Insight Operations, Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J) and Spring commercial support.

Spring Insight Operations differs from Spring Insight Developer, which is included in the tc Server Developer Edition, in that it is designed to be used with an in-production system. It allows you to view real-time behavior and health of your production applications. You can see application behavior across all servers and drill down to see specific servers. With Spring Insight Operations, you create one tc Runtime Instance using the Insight Dashboard template. This instance contains the Spring Insight user interface. You create production tc Runtime instances with the Insight Agent template. The Agent template adds the ability to collect traces from your web applications and forward them to the Dashboard instance.

EM4J improves memory management for Java applications running in VMs on an ESXi host. It works with a new ESXi 5.0 memory management interface to implement ballooning technology in the JVM. Because of the way Java manages its memory, it has been in the past best practice to give the JVM 100% of the memory it needs, while sizing the heap as small as possible to avoid wasting memory. This prevented VMs running Java applications from participating in all of the ESXi advanced memory sharing capabilities. EM4J establishes a balloon directory in the Java heap, freeing the memory for ESXi to share with other VMs that need it. EM4J encourages the JVM to use memory conservatively and helps applications behave predictably and gracefully as memory becomes scarce. It also makes it possible to over-commit memory, improving consolidation ratios for Java applications running on ESXi hosts.

The tc Server Spring Edition is the same binary distribution as the Standard Edition, with licensing differences. The Spring Insight Operations Dashboard and Agent templates are separate downloads at the VMware Downloads Center.