Install tc Server Standard Edition (tc Runtime Only)

When you install tc Server Standard Edition, you can choose to install the tc Runtime component only, without installing any Hyperic components.



  1. From the VMware Download page, navigate to the VMware vFabric tc Server download page.

  2. Download the Standard Edition Runtime package distribution in ZIP or compressed TAR format to a directory on your computer, for example /home/Downloads.


    • vfabric-tc-server-standard-2.6.X.RELEASE.tar.gz

  3. Login to the computer on which you are installing tc Server as the appropriate user, such as tcserver. On Unix, if you have disabled interactive login, login as the root user and use su - tcserver to become the user.

  4. Open a terminal (Unix) or command window (Windows) and create the main tc Server installation directory, such as /opt/vmware.

    For example, on Unix:

    prompt$ mkdir /opt/vmware
  5. Extract the tc Server distribution file into the new directory.

    This action installs tc Runtime; there is no installer program.

    For example, if you created a directory called /opt/vmware in the preceding step, and downloaded the Standard Edition ZIP file in the /home/Downloads directory:

    prompt$ cd /opt/vmware
    prompt$ unzip /home/Downloads/

    This action creates a directory called vfabric-tc-server-standard in the main tc Server installation directory that contains the tc Runtime utility scripts, the templates directory, the tomcat-version directory, and so on.

What to do next