Installing tc Server as Part of vFabric Cloud Application Platform

As with previous versions of the product, this version of vFabric tc Server is available as a standalone product installation. Beginning with version 2.6, tc Server is also available as part of vFabric Cloud Application Platform, a set of runtime components that let you build, scale, and run modern, agile applications in virtual environments.

If you obtain tc Server standalone, you can install it on both physical and virtual machines according to the procedures in this document.

If you obtain tc Server as part of a Standard or Advanced vFabric Platform package, you install it exclusively on VMware virtual machines that run on vSphere. The platform install process adds the vFabric License Server to an existing vCenter server. The vFabric License Server accepts a network license, actually a pool of licenses for vFabric components, which makes it easy to manage the licensing of all components installed on the VMs.

If you obtain tc Server as part of vFabric Platform, first complete the license activation and installation procedures in Getting Started with vFabric Cloud Application Platform. Then follow procedures in this document to install tc Server and complete any remaining tc Server-specific installation and configuration tasks.