Enabling Bash Completion for tc Server Scripts

If you use the bash shell on a Unix-like system and you have the bash-completion package installed, you can enable completion support for the tc Server tcruntime-instance.sh and tcruntime-ctl.sh scripts. When enabled, you can press the Tab key after entering a few letters of a command argument and either the argument is completed for you or possible alternatives are suggested.

Bash completion is enabled by linking the bash completion scripts supplied with tc Server into the bash_completion.d directory on your system.



  1. As the superuser, create symbolic links for the tc Server bash completion scripts in the bash_completion.d directory, using a command like the following:

    prompt# ln -s /opt/vmware/vfabric-tc-server-standard-2.6.0.RELEASE/bash_completion/* /etc/bash_completion.d

    Replace /etc/bash_completion.d with the path to the bash_completion.d directory on your system, if it differs.

  2. With your regular user login, start a new bash shell or re-source your environment to allow the bash_completion script to recognize the new tc Server scripts.