Comparing tc Runtime and Apache Tomcat

The 100-percent compatibility between vFabric tc Server and Apache Tomcat 6 ensures a seamless upgrade path for existing custom-built and commercial software applications already certified for Tomcat. Maintaining this level of compatibility enables customers to add the functionality they need to run and manage their applications more effectively with the least amount of effort. The tc Server runtime component, tc Runtime, also adds many business-critical features to standard Apache Tomcat functionality in the areas of enterprise server configuration, operations and management, diagnostics, and scripting.


Standard Application Server Features

Enterprise Application Server Features

Advanced Configuration Features

Operations Features

Standard Application Server Features

tc Runtime and Apache Tomcat share key standard features of application servers.

Table 2. Standard Application Server Feature Comparison

Application Server Featurestc RuntimeApache Tomcat
Servlet 2.5 supportYesYes
Java Server Pages (JSP) 2.1 supportYesYes
HTTP session clusteringYesYes
Advanced I/O featuresYesYes
Pre-built advanced non-blocking I/O componentsYesYes
Basic Windows service wrapperYesYes