Enterprise Application Server Features

Because tc Runtime is based on Apache Tomcat 6, it provides a powerful yet lightweight platform that is compatible with existing Tomcat-based applications and with Web applications that run on other Java EE application servers such as IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic. Applications can be seamlessly moved from Apache Tomcat to tc Runtime to gain the benefits that tc Runtime provides beyond the base Apache Tomcat.

Table 3. Enterprise Application Server Feature Comparison

Enterprise Application Server Featurestc RuntimeApache Tomcat
Multiple runtime instances from a single binary installationYesNo
New high-concurrency JDBC connection pool`YesNo
Preconfigured for JMX managementYesNo
Includes latest security vulnerability and bug fixesYesRebuild Tomcat yourself to apply incremental fixes.
Binary patch updatesYesBinary patches are not provided by Tomcat community.
Unix boot scriptsYesNo
Enhanced Windows service wrapperYesNo