Setting Up Elastic Memory for Java

Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J) is included with vFabric tc Server Standard Edition. You enable EM4J in the ESXi virtual machine by adding a parameter to the virtual machine configuration and then use the tc Server elastic-memory template to create an EM4J-enabled tc Runtime instance.

EM4J works with all existing garbage collection policies and heap configurations and requires no special JVM tuning or configuration.


EM4J Platform Support

EM4J Considerations and Limitations

Enable EM4J in the Virtual Machine

Create and Start an EM4J-Enabled tc Runtime Instance

Configure an EM4J-Enabled tc Runtime Instance

Platform Support

The following table lists supported platforms for this release of EM4J.

Table 1. EM4J Platform Support

Operating SystemVersionArchitectureJVM
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOSv5x32HotSpot 1.6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOSv5x64HotSpot 1.6