Viewing Spring Insight Data In Google Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is a Google Chrome extension that analyzes how your application is performing inside the browser. It measures how long the browser takes to render, transform CSS, show images, process events, and so on.

Although Speed Tracer is a great tool for determining where CPU time is spent within the browser process, it cannot see into what the application itself is doing in the back end. For that, it needs Spring Insight. The two products are now integrated so that you can now see Trace data interleaved with Speed Tracer's browser timings.

To see Spring Insight Trace data within Speed Tracer for an application deployed to Spring Insight, follow these steps:

  1. Deploy your application to a tc Runtime instance that is configured with Spring Insight.

  2. If you have not already done so, download the version of Google Chrome that has been instrumented for Speed Tracer, install the Speed Tracer extension, and launch the Chrome browser with the appropriate flag. For details, see Getting Started with Speed Tracer.

  3. Open up the Speed Tracer console by clicking on the stopwatch icon in the top-right corner of the Google Chrome browser.

  4. Using Google Chrome, navigate to a page of your deployed application and perform some action.

  5. In Speed Tracer, click on the Network (resources) timeline. In the left column, search for resources that have a grey pillbox, with tooltip Includes timing data from the server; these resources include Spring Insight data along with the standard Speed Tracer data. See the graphic in the next step.

  6. Expand the resource to view the Spring Insight data, listed under the Server Trace section. This section includes a brief summary of the Trace frame stack and allows easy navigation into various parts of Spring Insight related to the given Trace. To see more detailed information, select the Trace, End Point or Application links, which will jump into Spring Insight at the appropriate location so you can further drill down.