Exporting and Importing Traces

With this feature, you can export a trace to a file and then import it into either the same or different instance of Spring Insight. This feature is useful if the Spring Insight user who captured the trace in real time wants to look at it at a later time, or hand it off to another person.

For example, assume that a QA engineer is testing their company's Web application and runs into an error, or an operation takes an excessive time to complete. The QA engineer uses Spring Insight to take a look at what just happened by navigating to the relevant trace and viewing its details. If the QA engineer decides to open a bug about the problem, they can export the trace to a file and then attach this file to the bug issue so that the developer can take a look at a later date. The developer does not need to actually deploy the application; rather, they can look at the trace details to figure out which operation caused the error, where the excessive time occurred, and so on. This is an easy way to capture a complete set of trace information about an error event, even if the event is not reliably reproduceable.

You can only import traces that were previously exported from a Spring Insight instance.

To export a trace:

  1. Display the Trace Details pane for the particular trace you want to export. See Viewing Recent Activity of Your Application.

  2. From the right-most drop-down list in the Trace Details pane , select Export Trace:

  3. Save the exported trace to a file. The name of the file will be of the form trace-identifier.insight.

To import a trace:

  1. From the main Spring Insight dashboard, click the Administration tab.

  2. In the left pane, click Import Trace.

  3. In the right pane, use the browse button to browse the trace you want to import; the name of the file will be of the form trace-identifier.insight.

  4. Click Import.

  5. Spring Insight immediately takes you to the Recent Activity page with the trace and its details displayed. To locate the trace in the Trace History pane, go back in time to when the trace was originally exported.