Core Plug-in Reference

Most metrics collected by Spring Insight are contributed by plug-ins. Several plug-ins ship with the core product. Developers can create their own plug-ins. Only core plug-ins are documented here.


Use of the @Insight* annotations are optional. They make it easy for end users to define custom operation frames and end points without needing to create a plug-in. Because end user code modification is required to use the annotations, they are an option for users who cannot or do not wish to write aspects.

For more information on using the @Insight* annotations, see Using Annotations To Customize Insight Data For Your Application.

Table 4. Operations of annotation plug-in

Collection PointSummary
@InsightOperationAny methods annotated with @InsightOperation will create an operation, including: basic source code location, method parameters and the return value.
@InsightEndPointSimilar to @InsightOperation; also indicates the operation should be treated as an end point.

Table 5. Endpoint Analysis of annotation plug-in

Core OperationAnnotatedMethod Operation
ScoreHigh by default, customizable in annotation.
SummaryFinds operations created from @InsightEndPoint, thus creating the end point.