Full support for events in the Spring MVC request life cycle. Both annotated @Controller and the legacy Controller interface class hierarchy flavors of MVC are supported.

Table 15. Operations of spring-web plug-in

Collection PointSummary
@InitBinderData binder configuration including target name and type, allowed, required, and disallowed fields.
@ModelAttributeMethods returning objects that are added directly to the model, including the attribute name and value.
@RequestMappingSpring MVC request handlers.
ValidatorValidation logic.
ViewView rendering including view name and content type.
ViewResolverView resolution with the view name requested and the matching View object returned.
ControllerLegacy Spring MVC Controller interface.
DispatcherServletHandling of requests by Spring's DispatcherServlet.

Table 16. Endpoint Analysis of spring-web plug-in

Core OperationControllerMethodOperation
SummaryCreates an end point for HTTP requests handled by Spring MVC.