Overview of Spring Insight Development

Spring Insight uses a plug-in architecture to collect, correlate, and analyze performance metrics from your application and from different pieces of third-party software that work with the application. You can deploy a native application to a Spring Insight-enabled tc Runtime instance and see diagnostics immediately, without further instrumentation. Or, you can use the Spring Insight Development Kit to create plug-ins tailored to the needs of your application. The Developer Kit provides a copy of the source code for all plug-ins shipped with Spring Insight and includes a sample plug-in to use as a starting point for creating your own plug-in.

Use the Developer Kit to create plug-ins that extend Spring Insight functionality; for example:

Among the metrics that the core plug-ins collect are:

Note: The Spring Insight Developer Kit and supporting APIs are published under the Apache Software License, version 2.0. Other portions of Spring Insight, primarily the Trace repository and dashboard user interface, are licensed under the VMware EULA. Plug-in authors are free to license their plug-ins as they see fit.

Prerequisites for Installing the Spring Insight Developer Kit

Before you install the Spring Insight Developer Kit:

  • Install the Developer Edition of vFabric tc Server 2.5 from the VMware Download Center. See Getting Started with tc Server.

  • Install Maven 2.0.10 or later (or a similar environment) and Java 1.6 or later.