Installing and Configuring Spring Insight Developer

In this chapter, you install and configure Spring Insight.

Installing Spring Insight Developer

To install Spring Insight Developer, you install the vFabric tc Server Developer edition and then create a new tc Runtime instance using the insight template.

Follow these steps to install Spring Insight Developer edition:

  1. From the VMware Download Center, download tc Server Developer Edition, which includes Spring Insight Developer.

    • tc Server Developer Edition, for example,

  2. Open a terminal (Unix) or Command Prompt (Windows) and create the main tc Server installation directory, such as /home/tcserver. For example, on Unix:

    prompt$ mkdir /home/tcserver
  3. Unzip or untar the bundle you downloaded into the new directory.

    For example, if you downloaded the tc Server Developer Edition into the /home/Downloads directory:

    prompt$ cd /home/tcserver
    prompt$ unzip /home/Downloads/

    This creates a directory called vfabric-tc-server-developer-2.5.X.X. This directory contains the tc Runtime utility scripts, the templates directory (including the insight template), Tomcat 6 and 7, and so on. See Overview of tc Server Directories, Variables, and Configuration Files for details.

  4. Create a tc Server instance with the Spring Insight Developer template using the (Unix) or tcruntime-instance.bat (Windows) script. On Unix, for example:

    prompt$ cd /home/tcserver/vfabric-tc-server-developer-2.5.X.X
    prompt$ ./ create myInstanceName -t insight
  5. Execute the tc Server instance you created using the (Unix) or tcruntime-ctl.bat (Windows) script.

    On Unix:

    prompt$ ./ myInstanceName start

    On Windows, you must install the instance as a Windows service before you start it:

    prompt$ tcruntime-ctl.bat myInstanceName install
    prompt$ tcruntime-ctl.bat myInstanceName start
  6. Deploy your Web applications to tc Server. Copy the WAR files to the webapps directory of the tc runtime instance and make any necessary changes to the conf/server.xml and conf/context.xml files to support the deployed application.

  7. Access the Spring Insight Dashboard by loading the url http://localhost:8080/insight in your browser.

See the tc Server documentation for more detailed information about installing and configuring tc Server.