General Syntax of the tcsadmin Command-Line Interface

Use the following syntax with the tcsadmin command-line interface:|bat command options connection-parameters


The following example shows how to start an application called myApp that is deployed to the tc Runtime group called Group1.

prompt$ ./ start-application --groupname=Group1 --application=myApp 

In the example, the command is start-application and the options are --groupname=Group1 and --application=myApp. Because no connection parameters are specified at the command-line, it is assumed that either the user running the command has created a user.home/.hq/ file, or the default values of the connection parameters are adequate.

In general, the tcsadmin commands that list resources, such as list-servers or list-applications, output one line for each resource and separate each bit of information about the resource with the pipe ( | ) character. For example:

prompt$ ./ list-servers

10115|mydesktop tc Runtime myserver|/opt/vmware/vfabric-tc-server-standard/myserver|Running

The commands that perform an actual configuration task, such as create-group, output the success or failure of the command. For example:

prompt$ ./ create-group --name=Group1 --version="6.0" \
    --description="A group of tc Runtime 6.0 instances" --location="San Francisco"

Command create-group executed successfully