HQ API Command-Line Interface (hqapi.sh)

Use the tcsadmin CLI to execute commands that are specific to tc Runtime, such as listing the applications deployed to a particular tc Runtime instance or modifying the specific configuration of a tc Runtime instance. You can also use the HQ API command-line tool hqapi.sh to perform operations that are more related to the HQ Server itself, such as accessing and updating HQ inventory and related configuration data and working with HQ platforms, servers, services, groups, metric collection settings, alerts, escalations, users, and roles. The two CLIs complement each other: tcsadmin.sh works directly with tc Runtime instances and hqapi.sh works with the higher-level HQ inventory.

You download the hqapi.sh CLI from the HTML-based HQ user interface. After logging in to the user interface, click the Administration tab, then click on the HQ Web Services API link, and download and unzip the hqapi-version.tar.gz file.

For detailed documentation about using hqapi.sh, see "HQApi Command-Line Tools" in vFabric Hyperic Web Services API.