Downloading the tcsadmin Command-Line Interface

Download the tcsadmin command-line interface binaries onto each computer on which you want to run the command:

  1. On the computer on which you want to download and install the tcsadmin command-line interface, invoke the HQ user interface in a browser. See "Getting Started with the HQ User Interface" in Getting Started with vFabric tc Server for details.

  2. Click the Administration tab at the top of the main HQ user interface page.

  3. In the Plugins section, click the tc Server Command-line Interface link.

  4. Click the link and save the ZIP file to a temporary directory on your computer.

  5. Unzip the file to the directory of your choice.

  6. The (Unix) and tcsadmin.bat (Windows) scripts are located in the springsource-tcserver-scripting-client-version/bin directory, where version refers to a version string, such as 2.1.0.