A SQLFire virtual table that contains information about each distributed system member.

See Getting Information About SQLFire Members.
Table 1. MEMBERS system table
Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents

The unique ID of the member. This ID has the format:

For example:<v0>:41715/63386
KIND VARCHAR 24 No Specifies the type of SQLFire member process:
  • datastore—A member that hosts data.
  • peer—A member that does not host data.
  • locator—Provides discovery services for a cluster.
Member types can also be qualified with additional keywords:
  • normal—The member can communicate with other members in a cluster.
  • loner—The member is standalone and cannot communicate with other members. Loners are started with mcast-port=0 and use no locators for discovery.
  • admin—The member also acts as a JMX manager node.
HOSTDATA BOOLEAN Yes A value of '1' indicates that this member is a data store and can host data. Otherwise, the member is a peer client with no hosted data.
ISELD BOOLEAN No Is this the eldest member of the distributed system. Typically, this is the member who first joins the cluster.
IPADDRESS VARCHAR 64 Yes The fully-qualified hostname/IP address of the member.
HOST VARCHAR 128 Yes The fully-qualified hostname of the member.
PID INTEGER 10 No The member process ID.
PORT INTEGER 10 No The member UDP port.
ROLES VARCHAR 128 No Note used.
NETSERVERS VARCHAR 32672 No Host and port information for Network Servers that are running on SQLFire members.
LOCATORS VARCHAR 32672 No Host and port information for locator members.
SERVERGROUPS VARCHAR 32672 No A comma-separated list of server groups of which this member is a part.
SYSTEMPROPS CLOB 2147483647 No A list of all system properties used to start this member. This includes properties such as the classpath, JVM version, and so forth.
GEMFIREPROPS CLOB 2147483647 No The names and values of GemFire core system properties that the member uses. See Configuration Properties for property descriptions.
BOOTPROPS CLOB 2147483647 No All of the SQLFire boot properties names and values that a member uses. See Configuration Properties for property descriptions.