Automatically constructs SQL commands that apply changes to the underlying SQLFire system when the Update method of the DataAdapter is invoked.

This class extends ADO.NET's abstract System.Data.Common.DbCommandBuilder class.


SQLFCommandBuilder(SQLFDataAdapter adapter) creates a new command builder object associated with the given DataAdapter.

Typically, you first set the SelectCommand of the VMware.Data.SQLFire.SQLFDataAdapter to populate a System.Data.DataSet, then create a SQLFCommandBuilder associated with the DataAdapter. The command builder object implicitly registers itself as a listener for the RowUpdating events raised by the DataAdapter and automatically generates the required insert/update/delete SQL command for the same. When the Update method of the DataAdapter is invoked, the changes are reconciled with the underlying data in the SQLFire system by applying the SQL commands generated by the command builder.

VMware.Data.SQLFire.SQLFDataAdapter shows an example of the constructor.

The MSDN DbCommandBuilder documentation provides more details about the API methods and their use.