ADO.NET Driver Limitations

This release of the ADO.NET driver has known limitations.

  • You cannot register a custom .NET type as a user-defined type in SQLFire.
  • Support for DbProviderFactory has not been implemented. You must explicitly create some classes and then use the base abstract classes of System.Data.Common namespace as described in Generic Coding with the SQLFire ADO.NET Driver.
  • There is no implementation for the following classes of the System.Data.Common namespace:
    • DbConnectionStringBuilder: You must build the connection string manually. Alternatively, specify only the “server�? attribute for the host:port of the locator or server to which you want to connect, and pass the rest of the properties as a key, value map as described in ConnectionString, Open(Dictionary<string, object>)
    • DbDataSourceEnumerator: Because SQLFire is a distributed system that constitutes a single data source, there is no mechanism to obtain a list of all such available clusters in a generic fashion.