MX4J/Http Adaptor Properties

The SQLFire JMX agent provides an HTML interface that is based on the MX4J HttpAdaptor. The HttpAdaptor provides a functional and easy-to-use interface with no development required, and is particularly useful to developers who want to explore and browse SQLFire JMX MBeans.

For more details about this interface, consult the online documentation on the MX4J website:

Access the HttpAdapter through your browser using the URL http://HttpAdaptor_host:port. The default port is 8080.

The following properties configure the SQLFire Agent HttpAdaptor. You can specify the properties either in the Agent properties file or as a list of prop=value pairs on the agent command line.

Argument Comments Default Value


To enable the HTTPAdaptor, this must be true.



Machine name or IP address to which the HTTP listening socket should be bound. If this value is "localhost", then the socket is bound to the loopback address ( and the adapter is only accessible via the URL http://localhost:8080. If null, all network addresses are used.



Value must be in the range 0..65535.



If true, require a password.



User name.


http-authentication-password User password. password


Using the default settings, the SQLFire JMX Agent starts the MX4J/Http Adaptor on all available addresses at port 8080. You can access the SQLFire MBeans in a Web browser by specifying the URL http://address:8080.

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