Basic JMX Agent Properties

Specify values for these properties to configure the basic operation of the SQLFire JMX Agent.

Argument Comments Default Value
property-file Name of the properties file to load when starting the JMX Agent. See Agent Properties File.

Minimum level of log messages to be written.

log-disk-space-limit Maximum disk space to allocate for logging, in megabytes in the range 0..1000000. 0
log-file-size-limit Maximum size of the JMX Agent log file, in megabytes in the range 0..1000000. 0
auto-connect If true, the JMX Agent automatically connects to the distributed system specified by the arguments mcast-port, mcast-address, locators, and remote-command. You specify these arguments on the command line or in the Agent properties file. See Distributed System Properties for JMX Agent. true
refresh-interval Interval in seconds after which the system statistics are refreshed. 5 seconds
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