Collecting System Statistics

You use boot properties, connection properties, and system properties to enable system statistics.

You enable statistics archives using the boot properties:
Specify the archive file sizes using the boot properties:
Collection of additional time-based statistics is controlled using the boot property:
To collect statement-level statistics and time-based, statement-level statistics, use these connection properties with a peer client connection:
The statement-level statistics can also be configured globally using these system properties:

Note that enable-stats and enable-timestats can only be used with a peer client connect, and not with a thin client connection.

Configuration Properties describes these and other SQLFire configuration properties.

Note: Because of the overhead required for taking many timestamps, it is recommended that you enable time-based statistics only during testing and debugging.
Note: Use statement-level statistics only when the number of individual statements is small, such as when using prepared statements. SQLFire creates a separate statistics instance for each individual statement. With a large number of these statements, it can be difficult to load archives into VSD and navigate to those statistics of interest.