Backing Up and Restoring Offline Disk Stores

With the system offline, you copy and restore your files using your file system commands.

Offline File Backup and Restore

To back up your offline system:
  1. Validate, and consider compacting your disk stores before backing them up. See Compacting Disk Store Log Files.
  2. Copy all disk store files, and any other files you want to save, to your backup locations.
To restore a backup of an offline system:
  1. Make sure the system is either down or not using the directories you will use for the restored files.
  2. Make sure your members are configured to use the directories where you put the files.
  3. Reverse your backup file copy procedure, copying all the backed up files into the directories you want to use.
  4. Start the system members.

Offline Members: Manual Catch-Up to an Online Backup

If you must have a member offline during an online backup, you can manually back up its disk stores. Do one of the following:
  • Keep the member’s backup and restore separated, doing offline manual backup and offline manual restore, if needed.
  • Bring this member’s files into the online backup framework manually and create a restore script by hand, from a copy of another member’s script:
    1. Duplicate the directory structure of a backed up member for this member.
    2. Rename directories as needed to reflect this member’s particular backup, including disk store names.
    3. Clear out all files but the restore script.
    4. Copy in this member’s files.
    5. Modify the restore script to work for this member.