Change a System User Password

Built-in system users are defined when you boot the SQLFire locator. Other SQLFire members that join the system must specify one of the same system users that are defined in the locator. If you need to change the password of a system user, you must stop all members of the distributed system, and then restart them (starting with the locator), specifying the new username definition when you start.

To change the password of an existing system user, either specify a new password when your start a SQLFire member using the sqlfire.user.UserName system property, or generate a new encrypted password using sqlf encrypt-password and place the new encrypted password in the file.

See Create System Users or Encrypt the Password of a System User for details.

Note: Regardless of which method you use to define the new password, you must restart all SQLFire members (including locators) using the new password. You cannot change a system password user on only a subset of the SQLFire members. This limitation applies only to system users defined in the BUILTIN authentication schema. LDAP authentication occurs outside of the SQLFire system, so passwords can be changed without affecting available SQLFire members.