Displaying the Total Memory Footprint

You can query SYS.MEMORYANALYTICS with an optmizer hint to display the complete memory footprint of tables and indexes.

Use the sizerHints=withMemoryFootPrint hint with your query to display the memory footprint:
SELECT * FROM sys.memoryAnalytics -- SQLFIRE-PROPERTIES sizerHints=withMemoryFootPrint;
When you include this optimizer hint, the query displays an additional row for each table and index, summarizing the memory footprint for the SQLFire, GemFire, and other components. For example:


APP.FLIGHTS (sqlfire,gemfire,others)
                              |12912,299736,680704 (993352 = 970.07 kb)

APP.FLIGHTS.DESTINDEX (sqlfire,gemfire,others)
                              |5072,0,3288 (8360 = 8.16 kb)