Steps to Configure a Multi-site Deployment

To replicate a table's DML operations to one or more SQLFire clusters over a WAN, you configure the required WAN features in each SQLFire cluster.

SQLFire provides SQL commands and extensions for creating and managing the gateway senders, gateways receivers, and tables that are used for WAN replication.

Follow these steps to configure a multi-site deployment.
Step Description Topic
1 Plan the topology of the connections among the multiple clusters. Multi-site Deployment

Configuring Multi-site (WAN) Deployments

2 Start the locators for each cluster, specifying the local cluster's distributed system ID and the locator addresses associated with remote clusters. Configure Locators for WAN Member Discovery
3 Start data stores in each cluster, specifying the required server group memberships. Starting and Configuring SQLFire Servers
4 Optionally configure any disk stores that you will use to persist DML operations that are queued before sending to a remote cluster. Create and Start Gateway Sender
5 Configure a gateway sender in each SQLFire cluster that will send its data to another remote cluster for replication. Create and Start Gateway Sender
6 Create tables in the source SQLFire cluster, specifying one or more named gateway senders that will send table DML operations for replication. Create Tables with Gateway Senders
7 Create tables in the target SQLFire cluster with identical column definitions. The cluster that will replicate DML operations must have identical tables available before it can apply the DML. Create Tables with Gateway Senders
8 Configure a gateway receiver in each SQLFire cluster that will receive and replicate table DML operations from another remote system. Create a Gateway Receiver
9 Test WAN replication by inserting rows in tables that have gateway senders, and verifying that those operations are replicated.
10 Start, stop, and manage gateway senders and receivers as necessary. Start and Stop Gateway Senders
11 Change or remove gateway sender and gateway receiver configurations as necessary. Add and Remove Gateway Senders and Receivers