GemFire, Apache Derby, and SQL Components

vFabric SQLFire incorporates core vFabric GemFire technology and Apache Derby RDBMS components to provide a high-performance, distributed database management system. SQLFire extends standard SQL statements where necessary for creating and managing tables and configuring the SQLFire system.

The sections that follow document how SQLFire utilizes the GemFire and Derby component functionality.

vFabric GemFire Technology

vFabric SQLFire incorporates the following VMware vFabric GemFire technology:
  • Reliable data distribution
  • High performance replication and partitioning
  • Caching framework
  • Parallel 'data-aware' application behavior routing

The SQLFire community site provides a comparison of SQLFire to other data management systems, such as vFabric GemFire.

Apache Derby RDBMS Components

SQLFire integrates vFabric GemFire functionality with several components of the Apache Derby relational database management system (RDBMS):

SQL Extensions

vFabric SQLFire modifies and extends the query engine and SQL interface to provide support for partitioned and replicated tables, data-aware procedures, data persistence, data eviction, and other features unique to the distributed SQLFire architecture. SQLFire also adds SQL commands, stored procedures, system tables, and functions to help easily manage features of the distributed system, such as persistent disk stores, listeners, and locators.