Simplified VM-Based Licensing Model

vFabric Platform packages are licensed on a per-VM and average-usage basis, exclusively for virtual and cloud environments. Each licensed VM can run any or all vFabric software components.

This licensing model enables you to revise your application architecture for maximum performance and scalability with no licensing constraints. You do not need to track individual licenses for Web servers, application servers, and so on. You simply have a pool of vFabric VMs that you can deploy as needed.

The dynamic nature of modern cloud and Web applications makes usage bursts typical and unavoidable. However, vFabric licensing is based on average usage. Customers can license for steady state usage, rather than peak. This capability is enabled through the vFabric License Server, which integrates with vCenter to capture and report total and average vFabric VMs in use.

To learn more about vFabric Licensing, see vFabric Licensing.