Uninstall vFabric License Server from vCenter Server

Uninstalling vFabric License Server removes the Web application from the vCenter Tomcat instance, but it does not remove the vFabric licensing data from the database; you must perform that step yourself.


  1. Log on to the Windows computer on which you are running vCenter Server and on which you installed vFabric License Server.

  2. From the Windows Control Panel, start the window from which you add or remove programs. On Windows XP, the window is called Add or Remove Programs. On Windows Server, the window is called Programs and Features.

  3. Select VMware vFabric License Server in the list of programs and uninstall it.

    Enter the vCenter Server administrator username/password if you want to unregister vFabric License Server from vCenter. If you do not know the credentials, or you do not mind that vFabric License Server will stay registered, the click Next.

What to do next