Install vFabric License Server on Your vCenter Server

The vFabric License Server is an extension of the vCenter License Server, and thus you install it into your existing vCenter environment, or in other words, onto the same Windows virtual machine (VM) on which vCenter Server is installed.

vFabric License Server requires a database to store and organize its data. You can use the database that you have already configured for VMware vCenter, or you can create and configure a new external database specifically for vFabric License Server. However, you are required to create an ODBC data source specifically for use by vFabric License Server, as described in the following section.



  1. Create an ODBC data source that connects to either the vCenter database or an external database:

    1. On the same Windows VM on which you are running vCenter Server, invoke the ODBC Data Source Administrator window using Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Data Source (ODBC).

    2. Click the System DSN tab.

    3. Click the Add... button.

    4. Select a driver from the list.

      Important If you are going to use a SQL Server database, then be sure you select the SQL Server Native Client driver.

      Click Finish.

      The next steps depend on the type of driver you selected. In this procedure it is assumed that you selected the SQL Server Native Client driver.

    5. Enter a name and description of the data source, then select the SQL Server you want this data source to connect to from the drop-down list. Click Next.

      The SQL Server can be the one used by the vCenter Server or another one, whichever works best for your environment.

    6. Specify that you want SQL Server to verify the authenticity using a login ID and password entered by the user, then enter the Login ID and password of the SQL Server user.

      Important Do not specify integrated Windows authentication.

    7. Continue clicking Next, and then Finish, taking all default values, until you see a summary of the data source configuration. Optionally test the data source to ensure you have configured it correctly, then click OK.

  2. On the same Windows VM on which you are running vCenter Server, login as the Administrator user (or user with administrator privileges) if you have User Account Control (UAC) enabled. If UAC is disabled, you can login as any user.

  3. Double-click the vFabric License Server installer program from Windows Explorer to start the installation. After preparing the installation, the vFabric Welcome Screen appears.

  4. Continue clicking Next to accept the license agreement and view where the installer will install the vFabric License Server.

    You cannot change the location of the vFabric License Server, which is a Web application and thus must be located in the webapps directory of the vCenter Tomcat instance.

  5. Enter the login and password for the administrator of the vCenter Server installed on the same Windows VM, then click Next.

    The installer program performs some minimal verification; this takes a few seconds.

  6. Enter the login ID and password of the database user, and select the ODBC data source (DSN) that you created in a the first step of this procedure.

  7. Click Install to proceed with the installation. The installer program installs the vFabric License Server, showing you a status of the installation as it performs its tasks.

    The installer program completes successfully when you see the message InstallShield Wizard Completed.

  8. To view details of the installation, click Show the Windows Installer Log. Click Finish to complete the installation.

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