Activate vFabric Platform Licenses

VMware offers VMware V8 production licenses for the vFabric Standard and vFabric Advanced platform packages. The license is perpetual for a particular version and package of vFabric Platform. A vFabric Platform production license applies to virtual machines only.



  1. Start vSphere Client 5 and log in to the vCenter Server in which you installed vFabric License Server.

  2. Select Home > Administration > Licensing to invoke the vCenter Licensing page, then click the Manage vSphere Licenses link in the top-right corner, as shown in the screenshot.

  3. Enter one or more license keys in the text window to the right, one license key per line. Enter an optional label.

  4. Click the Add License Keys button. The license key shows up in the review window.

  5. Repeat the preceding steps to add any additional license keys.

  6. Click Next and follow the prompts until you get to the Confirm Changes window, verify changes, then click Finish.

    The license keys are displayed in the main vCenter Licensing window under the name VMware vFabric Standard|Advanced, depending on the vFabric Platform package you purchased.


The vCenter Licensing page displays only the capacity of your vFabric Platform license; it does not actually keep track of the number of licenses currently assigned. See Monitor vFabric License Usage for information on using the monitoring commands.

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