vFabric Hyperic QuickStart Installation

Note: If you obtain VMware® vFabric™ Hyperic® as part of a vFabric Suite (previously known as "vFabric Platform"), first complete the license activation and installation procedures in Getting Started with vFabric Suite. Then follow procedures in this document to set up your environment for vFabric Hyperic and complete any remaining Hyperic-specific installation and configuration tasks.

To evaluate Hyperic components, you can get up and running quickly by installing the Hyperic Server and a Hyperic Agent on the same host, using Hyperic's built-in database.

For comprehensive installation information, see Hyperic Installation and Startup Process.


  1. Verify Supported Configurations and System Requirements for the Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agent.

  2. Select and Download an Installer. Choose a "full" installer.

  3. Install the components as described in Run Hyperic Installer.

  4. For post-installation tips, review Hyperic Installation and Startup Process.