Use this property to specify the port on which the Hyperic Agent listens for SNMP traps. By default, the agent is not configured to listen for SNMP traps. You must add this property to to enable the agent to receive traps.

Typically SNMP uses the UDP port 162 for trap messages. This port is in the privileged range, so an agent listening for trap messages on it must run as root (or as an Administrative user on Windows).

If you prefer to run the the agent under the context of a non-administrative user, you can configure it to listen for trap messages on an unprivileged port.

Specify an IP address (or to specify all interfaces on the platform) and the port for UDP communications in this format:


To enable the Hyperic Agent to receive SNMP traps on an unprivileged port, specify port 1024 or above. The following setting allows the agent to receive traps on any interface on the platform, on UDP port 1620.