This property configures the password for Hyperic Servers's SSL keystore. The location of the keystore is defined by the server.keystore.path property.

The Hyperic installer (in -full mode), prompts for the values of server.keystore.path and server.keystore.password and persists the responses in hq-server.conf.

Password Requirement for Hyperic Keystores

The Hyperic Server's keystore password and private key password must be the same — otherwise, the Hyperic Server's internal Tomcat-based server will be unable to start. For information about why, see Follow the same convention for a Hyperic Agent keystore — set the password for the agent keystore be the same as the agent private key,

Best Practices for Hyperic Keystores

Please see:


The initial value of server.keystore.password is set, based on the response to the installation dialog when you run the Hyperic installer in -full mode, depending on how you respond to the following prompt:

Would you like us to use a user managed java keystore?

  • If the response is "yes", the installer prompts for the path and password for your keystore, and saves the values supplied in server.keystore.path and server.keystore.password (this property), respectively.

  • If the response is "no", the sets the value of server.keystore.path to server.keystore.path=ServerHome/conf/hyperic.keystore — which is the default location for the self-signed certificate that the Hyperic Server generates at first startup, and sets server.keystore.password to the default password.