You can use this property to define the password that the Hyperic Agent will use when connecting to the Hyperic Server, so that the agent will not prompt for the user to supply the password interactively at first startup. (This is the password for the user specified by agent.setup.camLogin.

The agent reads this value only in the event that it cannot find connection configuration in its /data directory. Specifying this and other agent.setup.* properties is a way to reduce the user interaction required to configure an agent to communicate with the server.

Starting in Hyper 4.6.6, the first time you start the Hyperic Agent after installation, if agent.keystore.password is uncommented and has a plain text value, the agent will automatically encrypt the property value. If you prefer, you can encrypt these (and other, if desired) property values yourself prior to starting the agent. For more information, see Encrypt Agent Property Value.


Commented out, hqadmin