This property controls whether or not a Hyperic Agent (version 4.6 or later) issues a warning when the Hyperic Server presents an SSL certificate that is not in the agent's keystore and is either self-signed or signed by a different CA than the one that signed the the agent's SSL certificate.

Under these circumstances, if agent.setup.acceptUnverifiedCertificate=false, as it is by default, the agent issues this warning:

The authenticity of host 'localhost' can't be established.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting? [default=no]: 

If you respond "yes", the agent imports the server's certificate, and will trust it henceforth.

Note that if agent.setup.acceptUnverifiedCertificate is "true", the agent automatically accepts and imports the certificate presented by the Hyperic Server, and does not issue a warning that the certificate is not trusted.

For more information, see Hyperic Security Features and Recommendations.