This property configures the location of a Hyperic Agent's (version 4.6 or later) SSL keystore. Specify the full path to the keystore. Define the password for the keystore using the agent.keystore.password property.

The values of agent.keystore.path and agent.keystore.password can only be supplied by defining them in

Specifying keystore path on Windows

On Windows platforms, specify the path to the keystore with Unix-style syntax. To use specify a full Windows path in Hyperic 4.6.5:

  • replace back slashes with forward slashes

  • put a forward slash at the beginning of the path (before the drive letter)

  • if the path contains spaces, put a backslash before each space in the path
    For example, to specify this Windows path using Unix syntax:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\keystore

    change it to:

    /C:/Documents\ and\ Settings/Desktop/keystore

Specify the full Windows path in Hyperic 4.6.6 in this form:

C:/Documents and Settings/Desktop/keystore
Best Practices for Hyperic Agent Keystore

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