This property configures the password for a Hyperic Agent's SSL keystore. Define the location of the keystore using the agent.keystore.path property.

These values of agent.keystore.path and agent.keystore.password can only be supplied by defining them in

Starting in Hyper 4.6.6, the first time you start the Hyperic Agent after installation, if agent.keystore.password is uncommented and has a plain text value, the agent will automatically encrypt the property value. If you prefer, you can encrypt these (and other, if desired) property values yourself prior to starting the agent. For more information, see Encrypt Agent Property Value.

Password Requirement for Hyperic Keystores

The Hyperic Server's keystore password and private key password must be the same — otherwise, the Hyperic Server's internal Tomcat-based server will be unable to start. For information about why, see Follow the same convention for a Hyperic Agent keystore — set the password for the agent keystore be the same as the agent private key,

Best Practices for Hyperic Keystores

Please see: