For agents set up for unidirectional communication with the Hyperic Server, the agent.keystore.alias property configures the name of the user-managed keystore for the agent. By default, the agent looks for keystore named "hq". For unidirectional agents with user-managed keystores, you must define the keystore name with agent.keystore.alias.

For example, given this user-managed keystore for a unidirectional agent:

(hq self-signed cert), Jul 27, 2011, trustedCertEntry,
Certificate fingerprint (MD5): 98:FF:B8:3D:25:74:23:68:6A:CB:0B:9C:20:88:74:CE
hq-agent, Jul 27, 2011, PrivateKeyEntry,
Certificate fingerprint (MD5): 03:09:C4:BC:20:9E:9A:32:DC:B2:E8:29:C0:3C:FE:38

Define the name of the keystore like this:


If the value of agent.keystore.alias does not match the keystore name, agent-server communication will fail.

About unidirectional communication

If you configure an agent for unidirectional communication, all communication with the server is initiated by the agent. You can configure unidirectional communication at first agent startup, or with the agent.setup.unidirectional property in Related topics: