View Inventory Properties for a Service

Topics marked with * relate to features available only in vFabric Hyperic.

This page describes the contents of the Inventory page for a service.

Learn about Services

See Resources, Resource Types and Inventory Types in vFabric Hyperic Overview.

Inventory Page for a Service

To display the Inventory page for a service, use Resources > Browse > Services to navigate to the service, and click the Inventory tab.

To view a screenshot of the Inventory page for a service, see Inventory Page - Service.

Inventory Page Header for a Service

The sections below describe the data and controls that appear at the top of the Inventory page for a service.

Resource Properties

The properties at the top of the Inventory page for a service provide identifying information including:

  • Description 

  • Owner - By default, the Hyperic user under whose account the resource was added to inventory.  Click Change... to assign a different resource owner.

The plugin developer controls which resource properties are displayed at the top of a resource's Inventory page: any properties enclosed in a <properties> element for a resource type appear in the page header when you browse to an instance of that type.


Map Control for a Service

The Map control presents graphical view of the service and the resources that are related to it. The map illustrates hierarchical inventory relationships, and a resource's membership in groups or applications.
The screenshot below is a resource map for a service of type "ActiveMQ Embedded 5.3 Topic".

  • The service runs in an "ActiveMQ Embedded 5.3" server, which is hosted on a "MacOSX" platform

  • The service is part of an application called "myap".


Tools Menu for a Service

The screenshot below is the Tools menu for a service.


When a service is selected, the Tools menu has the following commands:

  • Configure Service — Opens the Configuration Properties page for the service, where you can edit the resource's configuration properties.

  • Delete Service — Delete service from inventory.

  • Add to Dashboard Favorites — Adds the service to the Favorite Resources portlet on the the current Hyperic user's Dashboard.

  • Add to Group — Opens the Group Manager page, which lists the groups to which the service may be added. You can add a service to a group if:

    • You have permission to access the group, and:

      • The group is a mixed group that contains platforms, servers, and services.

      • The group is a compatible group of the selected service's service type.

General Properties for a Service

The General Properties section of the Inventory page for a service lists the following information:

  • Description — A description of the service. This is an optional, user-configured value.

  • Date Created — The date the service was added to the Hyperic inventory

  • Location

  • Date Modified, Modified By — The date the service was last modified and the user who modified it.

  • Resource Type — The service type.

Click the Edit button to open a page where you can edit the service's Name or Description.


Groups Containing a Service

This "Groups Containing this Resource* section lists the following information for each the group of which the service is a member.

  • Group — The resource name, presented as a hyperlink you can click to navigate to the group.

  • Description

There are two controls available:

  • Add to List — Click to add the service to a group.

  • Remove From List — If you have checkmarked one or more groups in the list, this control allows you to remove the resource from the selected groups.


Configuration Properties for a Service

This section displays the configuration properties for the service.

  • Shared — These properties vary by service type.

  • Monitoring — These properties control log and configuration tracking for the service. For more information see ui-Inventory.Service.