View Inventory Properties for a Group

Topics marked with * relate to features available only in vFabric Hyperic.

This page describes the contents of the Inventory page for a group.

Learn about Groups

See About Groups in Hyperic in vFabric Hyperic Overview.

Navigate to the Inventory Page for a Group

To display the Inventory page for a compatible or mixed group, use:

  • Resources > Browse > Compatible Groups/Clusters, or

  • Resources > Browse > Mixed Groups

and click the Inventory tab.

In vFabric Hyperic, a user can view and modify resources only to the extent that the user's role(s) permit. For more information see User Accounts and Roles in Hyperic in vFabric Hyperic Administration.


Click the thumbnail below for a screenshot of a mixed group's Inventory page.


Inventory Page Header for a Group

The sections below describe the data and controls that appear at the top of the Inventory page for a group.

Resource Properties for a Group

The properties at the top of the Inventory page for either a compatible or mixed group are:\

  • Description 

  • Owner — By default, the Hyperic user under whose account the resource was added to inventory.  Click Change... to assign a different resource owner.

Map Control for a Compatible Group

The Map control is present on the Inventory tab for a compatible group, not for a mixed group. The map for a compatible group shows the members of the group.

The screenshot below is a resource map for compatible group that contains servers of type "VMware VI3 VM" - the name of each member resource is shown as a hyperlink.


Tools Menu for a Group

The screenshot below is the Tools menu for a group.


The Tools menu for a compatible or a mixed group has the following commands:

  • New Group — Opens the New Group page, where you can create a new group.

  • Delete Group — Deletes the group, but not its member resources.

  • Add to Dashboard Favorites — Adds the group to the Favorite Resources portlet on the the current Hyperic user's Dashboard.

  • Add to Group — Opens the Group Manager page, which lists the groups to which the group may be added. You can add a group to another group if:

    • You have permission to access the target group, and:

    • The target group is a mixed group that contains groups.

  • Schedule Downtime * — This option, available vFabric Hyperic, opens the Schedule Downtime popup, where you can schedule a period of time during which alerts for members of the group will not fire. For more information see Schedule Downtime for a Resource Group.

General Properties for a Group

The General Properties section of the Inventory page for a service lists the following information:

  • Description — A description of the service. This is an optional, user-configured value.

  • Date Created — The date the service was added to the Hyperic inventory

  • Location

  • Date Modified, Modified By — The date the service was last modified and the user who modified it.

  • Resource Type — The service type.

Click the Edit button to open a page where you can edit the service's Name or Description.



This section lists the following information for each the group of which the service is a member.

  • Group — The resource name, presented as a hyperlink you can click to navigate to the group.

  • Description

There are two controls available:

  • Add to List — Click to add the service to a group.

  • Remove From List — If you have checkmarked one or more groups in the list, this control allows you to remove the resource from the selected groups.

The following screenshot shows the Resources section for a compatible group


The following screenshot shows the Resources section for a mixed group


Roles a Group is Assigned To

Available only in vFabric Hyperic

The "Roles Assigned To" section is present in vFabric Hyperic only ---- it lists the roles to which the group is assigned, which, along with the permission matrix for the role, governs the access that users with the role have to resources in the group.

Form more information about roles, groups, and resource permissions, see Roles in vFabric Hyperic in vFabric Hyperic Overview.