View Control Action Status and History

Topics marked with * relate to features available only in vFabric Hyperic.

This page has information about how to view control action history. For information about control actions, see Resource Control in Hyperic.

View Recently Performed Control Actions

Learn About Control Actions

For information about control actions, see:

About the Control Actions Portlet

The Control Actions portlet displays information about recent control actions performed on resources over a configurable period of recent history.

  • Recent Control Actions - This section lists the individual resource control action performed during the configured period, starting with the most recent. The following information is displayed for each resource:

    • Resource Name — Name of the resource.

    • Control Action — The control action that was performed.

    • Date/Time — When the action was performed

    • Message — Results of the control action.

  • Quick Control Frequency - This section lists the resources upon which the most on-demand control actions have been performed during the configured interval. The following information is displayed for each resource:

    • Resource Name — Name of the resource.

    • # of Control Actions — How many control actions were performed during the interval.

    • Most Frequent Control Action - The control action that was most frequently performed.


Configure the Control Actions Portlet

To configure the amount of data in the Control Actions portlet:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Control Actions portlet.

  2. The HQ Dashboard Settings: Control Actions page appears.

  3. Configure what appears in the Recent Control Actions section using the first row of filters.

    1. Check the box next Control Action Range if you want to list recent control actions in the portlet.  (To stop the display of this data, uncheck it.)

    2. In the first drop-down list, select the maximum number of completed control actions to list.

    3. In the second drop-down list, select the time range from which to gather that data.

  4. Configure what appears in the *Quick Control Frequency *section using the second row of filters: 

    1. Check the box if you want to list the resources with the most on-demand control actions.  (To stop the display of on-demand control-action data, uncheck it.)

    2. Select the maximum number of resources to list.

  5. Click OK.

View Control History for a Resource

To view a list of control actions that were performed on a resource:

  1. Navigate to the resource in the Resource Hub.

  2. Click the Control tab, which is present only if Hyperic supports control action for the selected resource type.

  3. Click History on the Control tab.

    • The Control History page appears.

  4. The Control History pagelists the following information for actions that were performed on the resources:

    • Control Action — The action performed.

    • Arguments — Arguments supplied to the control action.

    • Command State — Status of the action: "Completed", "In Progress", or "Failed".

    • Date Started — Date and time that the control action was initiated.

    • Elapsed Time — How long it took to perform the control action.

    • User — User name of the Hyperic user who initiated or scheduled the control action

    • Message — (optional) Additional information about the control action.

To delete a control action, place a checkmark next to it in the list, and click Delete at the bottom of the page.

Control actions performed for as actions for particular alert firing are listed on the "Alert Detail" screen.