Use of "Hyperic," "vFabric Hyperic," and "Hyperic HQ"

vFabric Hyperic is the commercial version of the Hyperic product, available as part of vFabric Suite (previously known as "vFabric Platform") and as a standalone product. Hyperic HQ is the open-source version of Hyperic. The products have many similarities, although vFabric Hyperic has a number of features that the open source offering does not.

As a general rule in documentation text, "Hyperic" is used in contexts that apply to both vFabric Hyperic and Hyperic HQ. "vFabric Hyperic" and "Hyperic HQ" (or "HQ") are used in contexts that apply specifically to one product or the other. Exceptions include titles of Hyperic guides, which refer to vFabric Hyperic, and some "HQ" references in the user interface and code that apply to both products.