Topics marked with * relate to features available only in vFabric Hyperic.

This page has instructions for configuring a Sun JVM for monitoring.

Step 1 - Configure JVM for JMX Monitoring

You must explicitly enable JMX monitoring of your JVM. For more information see

Once your JVM is configured for JMX monitoring, proceed to

Step 2 - Add JVM to HQ Inventory

Follow these steps to add the JVM to HQ inventory:

  1. Use Resources > Browse to navigate to the platform where the JVM runs.

  2. Click New Server on the Tools menu.

  3. Select New Server from the Tools menu.

  4. On the New Server page enter:

    • Name — Enter a name for the resource.

    • Description: (optional) Enter a description for the resource.

    • Server Type: Select "Sun JVM 1.5" for the server type list.

    • Install Path: Enter your $JAVA_HOME.

  5. Click OK

    • The Inventory tab for the JVM appears.

  6. Configure the JVM for monitoring as described in the following section.

Step 3 - Configure JVM for Monitoring

  1. Click Edit in the Configuration Properties section of Inventory page for the JVM.

    • The screenshot below is the Configuration Properties page of a Sun JVM.


  2. On the Edit Configuration Properties Page:

    1. jmx.url — Check that the value is correct.

    2. jmx.username — Enter if if you configured authentication for JMX monitoring access.

    3. jmx.password — Enter if you configured authentication for JMX monitoring access.

    4. Configure lot and configuration tracking, as desired.

    5. Leave the box for "Auto-Discover Garbage Collectors and Memory Pools?" checked.

    6. Click OK

  3. After a moment or so, HQ Server will start receiving the default metrics for the JVM.

    • The screenshot below is the Inventory page for a Sun JVM.