Scan a Platform On-Demand

To initiate a platform scan:

  1. Navigate to the platform you want to scan.

  2. Select New Auto-Discovery from the Tools menu.

    • The New Auto-Discovery page appears.

      Some Platforms Cannot Be Scanned

      You can only initiate an auto-discovery scan for a platform that runs an Hyperic Agent. Platforms that are remotely monitored, such as Cisco and other network device platforms that do not run an agent, cannot be scanned.

  3. You can run default scan only, or run a file scan in addition to the default scan. The different scan types are described in Resource Auto-Discovery Processes.

    • To run a default scan only, click OK at the top of the page.

    • To run a file scan in addition to the default scan:

      1. Check the the Server Types that Hyperic should look for on the platform.

      2. In ScanDirs, specify the directories that HQ should scan.

      3. In ExcludeDirs, specify the directories that Hyperic should not scan.

      4. In fsTypes, select the type of file system to scan: local disks, network-mounted disks, or both ("all").

      5. In depth, specify the depth in the directory structure to which HQ should scan.

      6. To have Hyperic follow symlinks when scanning, check Should symlinks be followed.

      7. Click OK at the bottom of the screen.