Resource Control in Hyperic

Topics marked with * relate to features available only in vFabric Hyperic.

Control Action Overview

In VMware vFabric™ Hyperic®, a control action is a resource command the agent can perform on a individual managed resource (usually a server type) or on a compatible group of resources.

Hyperic has built-in resource control functionality for a variety of resource types, generally servers and services — this functionality is implemented in the resource plugin that manages a resource type. For example, Hyperic's apache plugin enables several tomcat control actions, including "start", "stop", and "restart". Note that a Hyperic plugin may not implement all commands supported by a resource type.

An authorized user — one with access to the resource and permission to perform a control action — can invoke a control action on-demand, schedule an action for a future time, or schedule an action for periodic execution. For more information, see Run Resource Control Actions.

An authorized Hyperic administrator can configure a control actions to be initiated as the result of an alert firing. For more information, see Configure a Control Action as an Alert Action.

Hyperic control action functionality is extendable. An authorized Hyperic administrator can configure Hyperic to run custom scripts or executables. See Configure a Custom Control Action. In addition, plugin developers can can leverage Hyperic's base resource control classes to implement control functions that a target managed product supports.

You can monitor the status and history of resource control actions. For more information, see View Control Action Status and History.

HQApi control API

You can use Hyperic's control API to:

  • list a resource's supported control actions,

  • run control actions, and

  • see control action history
    For more information, see HQApi control command.