Remove Resources from Hyperic Inventory

Topics marked with * relate to features available only in vFabric Hyperic.

Delete a Resource Manually

To delete a resource from the Hyperic inventory:

  1. Use Browse > Resources to navigate to the resource you wish to delete.

  2. Select the Delete ResourceType option from the Tools menu.

Monitoring ceases and the resource is removed from Hyperic inventory. Note that if the resource has child resources, those children (and their children, as applicable) will be removed as well.

Resources you delete will disappear from the resource list immediately. Removal of the resources from the Hyperic database occurs asynchronously; there may be a slight delay before resources are removed from the database. If you restart agent prior to the resource is removed from the database, errors might occur if you re-add the resource to memory after the agent rediscovers it.

Do not try to re-import a platform immediately after deleting it — this may fail. Note also that until the delete process running in background completes, a deleted platform will still appear in the Hyperic Health's Agent tab. Similarly, the Hyperic license count displayed in the web user interface will not be decremented until the delete process is completed.

Delete Resources with HQApi

You can delete resources with the HQApi resource command, using the delete command option.